Funny Nursing Stories- Volume 5

Scheduling Pranks and Patient Jokers!

Reading stories is something that people just simply enjoy. This is especially true when it comes to funny stories. But why? Because people want to feel joy and happiness, and reading funny stories can make them feel just that. There are many different types of funny stories out there. Funny nursing stories are some of the most interesting and fun stories that you can read today.

Nursing is a very serious job that not everyone can do, and the fact that even nurses find themselves in hilarious situations every now and then is what makes these stories so interesting and funny. And now, sit down, relax, and have a good laugh at some of these funny nursing stories.

Scheduling Blunders

Scheduling is a tough job while not nursing it is tied in and can cause some comic relief, to some πŸ™‚

A busy hospital can be a challenge to schedule for but scheduling for a Hospital system of 4 large facilities, of which most nurses work in 2-3 locations can be quit frustrating and a bit funny.

Winter of 16′ was horrific and in Idaho it was insane we had over a foot of snow on the ground fro 30 plus days. So as you can imagine transportation was tough and a ton of nurses where getting stuck in the snow.I mean we’re talking every 1/4 mile a car was off the road and I think half of those must have been hospital employees, the way the phone was ringing.

So we had to play a game and see who could say the most okays on a single call. One employee racked up 55. Can you imagine every other word was “okay”. Some said so soft you could barely hear then others said in slight accents.. It was hilarious. Hey you gotta get through the day some how πŸ™‚

Diabetic Specialist Nurse

Eye ChartOne woman used to work as a Diabetic specialist nurse. There was an elderly lady at the clinic. The nurse asked her if she could read the eye chart for her, but only using her right eye. She couldn’t read it. The nurse then asked her to read the eye chart, but this time using her left eye. And once again, she couldn’t read it.

The nurse was quiet for a little bit, and then she asked her to read it once again. The patient’s response was different this time – she said that she can read it. And this is where it is getting weird!

The nurse told her to read the eye chart, but the patient once again told her that she can’t read it. By this time, the nurse was completely confused, so she asked the patient if she could see the chart, and the patient said that she can.

But why couldn’t she read it then? Because she couldn’t pronounce it! It was all in good fun and the nurse sure did laugh once the patient told her she was pulling her leg…

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Funny Nursing Stories: Volume 4

Nursing: The Good The Bad The our of the ordinary…

How Embarassing

People just simply love reading stories. This is especially the case when it comes to funny stories. The reason why is because naturally, people want to feel joy and happiness, and that is something that a good, funny story can make them feel. And when it comes to funny stories, funny nursing stories are some of the most interesting stories that you can read today.

Nursing is a very serious job, and the fact that nurses find themselves in some ridiculous situations sometimes is what makes these stories so interesting and funny. In fact, nurses can be funny just as much as their patients are. So, sit down, relax, and enjoy the following funny nursing stories.

Egg on My Face

There was this one nurse who had a special assignment. Her mission was to take care of a young man who had three gunshot wounds. Even though his life was not in danger, he still had severe wounds. One day, she went to his single room to ask him if he had completed his menu for the following day. But when she entered his room, she saw something that completely surprised her.

What she saw was her patient standing gingerly beside his bed, and not only that, but he was also using the urinal as well. In order to protect him from any embarrassment that he might be feeling, she said some kind of an Australian joke. It is safe to say that what she saw made her feel uncomfortable as well.

Pain Assessment

One nurse was taking care of a patient who she thought was about to go into labor. One time while she was doing the pain assessment, she asked her patient if her pain is constant or intermittent. Her patient didn’t really understand her question, so she asked her to explain what she meant.

The nurse then asked her if her pain is constant or it comes and goes. What her patient said next was pretty funny – she said that her pain constantly comes and goes!

Taste Test

One evening, while the nurse was administering medication to her patient, they started talking to one another. The nurse told her that she has her medication ready, and that she is going to give her some Pepcid for her stomach, but that she is going to put it in her IV. The patient looked a little bit perplexed, and she told her nurse that she has one question for her. She asked the nurse to explain why she is giving her Pepsi instead of Coke.

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Funny Nursing Stories – Volume 3

Fainting Nurses and Warm Undies

Nursing Everyday Life

People just simply love to read funny stories. It helps them get through difficult times and it makes them feel happier in general. When it comes to nursing, it is a very serious job, and the reason why is because it involves taking care of sick people, which means that nurses have to be very careful when doing their job.

Even though nursing is a very serious job, even nurses sometimes find themselves in situations that are weird – actually, they are so weird that they are funny. This is why funny nursing stories are some of the most interesting and amusing stories to read. When something weird happens during the shift, nurses can be just as funny as their patients are.


The following are some funny nursing stories that might just make your day. So, relax and enjoy!

Extra Thick Underwear

There was this one nurse whose job was to take care of one patient that was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. After spending six hours with the patient, the nurse changed her diaper, but became worried as soon as she realized that the diaper was completely dry.

The reason why she was worried so much is because she knew that her patient received doses of furosemide on a regular basis, which means that she should have a lot of urine output by that time. When the nurse got back into her patient’s room, she was very surprised by what she saw. She saw that her patient was just coming out of the toilet, which was very weird because her patient was wearing diapers the whole time.

Once her patient got out of the toilet, the nurse told her that there is absolutely no need for her to go to the toilet, and the reason why is because she is wearing diapers. But her patient didn’t know what the diaper that she was wearing was for. She actually thought that it was just some kind of an extra warm and extra thick underwear!


Nurse Needs First Aid

One nurse was being oriented in the ER Department since the time when she was just newly hired. Everything was going fine for some time. But all of a sudden, every person that was part of her unit became busy with a number of patients that were involved in some kind of a vehicular accident. The nurse recognized one of the patients – it was a well-known actor.

As soon as she saw him, she fell in love with him, but she somehow still managed to act professionally. The nurse had to check his blood pressure, so she kindly asked him to take off his jacket. However, he took both his jacket and his shirt off, which made the nurse’s heart pound very fast. She thought that she would need to be resuscitated at that exact moment as she fainted, ooops… we’ve all been there right? Well okay maybe not all of us.

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Funny Nursing Stories – Volume 2

Funny old folks!

Old people say funny stuff

Have you ever wondered about what kind of stories people love to read the most? Well, it really depends on who you ask. Different people love to hear different kind of stories. But generally speaking, answer to this question is very short, simple and easy to understand – funny stories. Funny stories are usually the most amusing ones.


This is especially true when it comes to funny stories that involve nursing. The reason why is because nurses have a very serious job, and the fact that they sometimes find themselves in funny situations alone is enough to make people laugh. And now, here are some funny nursing stories that will make you laugh. Enjoy!


Strange Stuff

A nurse was working in a hospital where one of her patients was an 84-year-old woman. That woman would almost always forget that she was on catheter. One time, while the nurse was emptying her urine bag, the patient asked what it was.

The nurse kindly told her that it is where the urine goes once it leaves her body. The patients respond was pretty funny, and the reason why is because she said that she thought that her breasts were the only things that were sagging from her body.

So Big

One nurse worked in a hospital where she had to take care of one of the senior patients. That patient was generally known as someone who is very shy. One time, while the nurse was giving him a sponge bath and washing his private parts, he suddenly asked her if she has ever seen anything so big in her life! And of course, the nurse was pretty surprised.

But she wasn’t really surprised by what he said, but because he wasn’t really the type of a person that likes to talk about well those body parts– at least he didn’t seem that way. The nurse was trying to come up with a suitable answer, but then he said that his mother once told him that his feet have got to be the biggest feet that she has ever seen in her whole life. So, he wasn’t talking about his that other body part after all! What a relief.

Eat the Patient

Everyone who was a part of the unit was busy helping with a code when one particular patient’s blood glucose suddenly dropped significantly. One nurse in the unit ordered to advise that patient to eat her breakfast first. But instead of writing the order down correctly, one nurse wrote that the patient actually has to eat the patient.

Just imagine the attending physician’s reaction when he came in… It was quit hysterical I imagine.

Funny Nursing Stories – Volume 1

Volume 1: Bowel Prep and Patients Face- Off

Healthcare Practictioner

Funny nursing stories are some of the most amusing stories out there. Even though anyone can find themselves in funny situations at their workplace, it is very interesting when it happens to nurses, especially because their job is very serious one – they provide healthcare services to their patients. When humor strikes the shift, nurses can be just as funny as their patients. Here are some funny nursing stories. So, take a break and have a good laugh!


Bowel Prep

There was this one patient who was on bowel prep that was required for an endoscopy procedure. She was a very sweet woman, but she had dementia, which means that she would usually forget things pretty quickly. To start the bowel prep, nurse took a glass of juice full of laxative and gave it to that woman. The nurse told her that it will induce a number of bowel movements over the next couple of hours.


After four hours have passed, the patient peeked into the station and signaled for the nurse to come with her in her room. After the two of them got into the room, the woman told the nurse that she really likes her, but also that she has something to tell her. The nurse kindly asked her to explain. The patient wanted her to come even closer.


After the nurse came closer, her patient quietly told her that she thinks that the water that the she used for her juice gave her dysentery. The patient also told her that she doesn’t have to worry though, because she will not tell her bosses. It turned out that the patient just wanted to let the nurse know about the problem, just so she doesn’t get dysentery as well.


There Should Be Only One


There was this one nurse who worked in a mental health facility, and two of her favorite patients were almost always fighting each other. Something that is very special about those patients is that both of them believed that they are not like any other human being. In other words, they both believed that they were something very special. They both believed that there should be only one left – ”the real one”.


Both of them wanted to prove their supremacy over the other. In order to do so, they challenged each other to perform miracles. There could only be one winner. And the rules were pretty simple – the first one to successfully perform some kind of a miracle would become known as ”the real one”.

Funny as this sounds from the outside we know the patients are dealing with mental illness which is not funny. However, some of the stuff they come up with….

Nursing Everyday Life

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Nursing, the day in the life.

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