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Funny Nursing Stories – Volume 2

Funny old folks!

Old people say funny stuff

Have you ever wondered about what kind of stories people love to read the most? Well, it really depends on who you ask. Different people love to hear different kind of stories. But generally speaking, answer to this question is very short, simple and easy to understand – funny stories. Funny stories are usually the most amusing ones.


This is especially true when it comes to funny stories that involve nursing. The reason why is because nurses have a very serious job, and the fact that they sometimes find themselves in funny situations alone is enough to make people laugh. And now, here are some funny nursing stories that will make you laugh. Enjoy!


Strange Stuff

A nurse was working in a hospital where one of her patients was an 84-year-old woman. That woman would almost always forget that she was on catheter. One time, while the nurse was emptying her urine bag, the patient asked what it was.

The nurse kindly told her that it is where the urine goes once it leaves her body. The patients respond was pretty funny, and the reason why is because she said that she thought that her breasts were the only things that were sagging from her body.

So Big

One nurse worked in a hospital where she had to take care of one of the senior patients. That patient was generally known as someone who is very shy. One time, while the nurse was giving him a sponge bath and washing his private parts, he suddenly asked her if she has ever seen anything so big in her life! And of course, the nurse was pretty surprised.

But she wasn’t really surprised by what he said, but because he wasn’t really the type of a person that likes to talk about well those body parts– at least he didn’t seem that way. The nurse was trying to come up with a suitable answer, but then he said that his mother once told him that his feet have got to be the biggest feet that she has ever seen in her whole life. So, he wasn’t talking about his that other body part after all! What a relief.

Eat the Patient

Everyone who was a part of the unit was busy helping with a code when one particular patient’s blood glucose suddenly dropped significantly. One nurse in the unit ordered to advise that patient to eat her breakfast first. But instead of writing the order down correctly, one nurse wrote that the patient actually has to eat the patient.

Just imagine the attending physician’s reaction when he came in… It was quit hysterical I imagine.