Funny Nursing Stories – Volume 1

Volume 1: Bowel Prep and Patients Face- Off

Healthcare Practictioner

Funny nursing stories are some of the most amusing stories out there. Even though anyone can find themselves in funny situations at their workplace, it is very interesting when it happens to nurses, especially because their job is very serious one – they provide healthcare services to their patients. When humor strikes the shift, nurses can be just as funny as their patients. Here are some funny nursing stories. So, take a break and have a good laugh!


Bowel Prep

There was this one patient who was on bowel prep that was required for an endoscopy procedure. She was a very sweet woman, but she had dementia, which means that she would usually forget things pretty quickly. To start the bowel prep, nurse took a glass of juice full of laxative and gave it to that woman. The nurse told her that it will induce a number of bowel movements over the next couple of hours.


After four hours have passed, the patient peeked into the station and signaled for the nurse to come with her in her room. After the two of them got into the room, the woman told the nurse that she really likes her, but also that she has something to tell her. The nurse kindly asked her to explain. The patient wanted her to come even closer.


After the nurse came closer, her patient quietly told her that she thinks that the water that the she used for her juice gave her dysentery. The patient also told her that she doesn’t have to worry though, because she will not tell her bosses. It turned out that the patient just wanted to let the nurse know about the problem, just so she doesn’t get dysentery as well.


There Should Be Only One


There was this one nurse who worked in a mental health facility, and two of her favorite patients were almost always fighting each other. Something that is very special about those patients is that both of them believed that they are not like any other human being. In other words, they both believed that they were something very special. They both believed that there should be only one left – ”the real one”.


Both of them wanted to prove their supremacy over the other. In order to do so, they challenged each other to perform miracles. There could only be one winner. And the rules were pretty simple – the first one to successfully perform some kind of a miracle would become known as ”the real one”.

Funny as this sounds from the outside we know the patients are dealing with mental illness which is not funny. However, some of the stuff they come up with….