Funny Nursing Stories – Volume 3

Fainting Nurses and Warm Undies

Nursing Everyday Life

People just simply love to read funny stories. It helps them get through difficult times and it makes them feel happier in general. When it comes to nursing, it is a very serious job, and the reason why is because it involves taking care of sick people, which means that nurses have to be very careful when doing their job.

Even though nursing is a very serious job, even nurses sometimes find themselves in situations that are weird – actually, they are so weird that they are funny. This is why funny nursing stories are some of the most interesting and amusing stories to read. When something weird happens during the shift, nurses can be just as funny as their patients are.


The following are some funny nursing stories that might just make your day. So, relax and enjoy!

Extra Thick Underwear

There was this one nurse whose job was to take care of one patient that was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. After spending six hours with the patient, the nurse changed her diaper, but became worried as soon as she realized that the diaper was completely dry.

The reason why she was worried so much is because she knew that her patient received doses of furosemide on a regular basis, which means that she should have a lot of urine output by that time. When the nurse got back into her patient’s room, she was very surprised by what she saw. She saw that her patient was just coming out of the toilet, which was very weird because her patient was wearing diapers the whole time.

Once her patient got out of the toilet, the nurse told her that there is absolutely no need for her to go to the toilet, and the reason why is because she is wearing diapers. But her patient didn’t know what the diaper that she was wearing was for. She actually thought that it was just some kind of an extra warm and extra thick underwear!


Nurse Needs First Aid

One nurse was being oriented in the ER Department since the time when she was just newly hired. Everything was going fine for some time. But all of a sudden, every person that was part of her unit became busy with a number of patients that were involved in some kind of a vehicular accident. The nurse recognized one of the patients – it was a well-known actor.

As soon as she saw him, she fell in love with him, but she somehow still managed to act professionally. The nurse had to check his blood pressure, so she kindly asked him to take off his jacket. However, he took both his jacket and his shirt off, which made the nurse’s heart pound very fast. She thought that she would need to be resuscitated at that exact moment as she fainted, ooops… we’ve all been there right? Well okay maybe not all of us.

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